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The information presented in this section about trees, flowers and other plants found in Linn Park has kindly been provided by the "Hatted Botanist". If you have any pictures of plants and trees from Linn Park that you would him to try and identify please email him and he'll have a try. Especially ones which aren't described here ...

Spring is reaching its peak. The first sign of spring for me in the park was the Butterbur which erupts out of the ground and the flowers are fading now as the large leaves are growing. You can watch its evolution if you enter the park from Linnpark Avenue. The flowers erupt from the earth bank which looks like a prepared flower bed, followed by the leaves which grow to be the largest entire (i.e. not divided into lobes) of any native plant. By August the leaves are looking moth eaten (actually caterpillar eaten) and ragged and droop but their shade and then the decaying leaves keep the ground clear for next year’s show.


Clovers are a ubiquitous flower of the grass bank and heath, recognisable in white, pink blush, deeper red through to mauve. There are over 20 different clovers in the UK but the main ones we see in Linn are the white and red clover.

Spring is well under way. The trees are budding, vivid green leaves are unfolding and while the early flowers fade many more are coming out.

Spring Flowers - Easter 2015

Linn Park has been glorious this week. Spring sun and so much to see with the trees just budding and the leaves not out. Some glorious views across the Cart will soon be obscured by leaves.