Cormorant Fishing

27th August 2014 - here's a picture of one having an early supper - head down and looking ... an amazing sight.

Young Cormorant drying its wingsOf course the better photo is from Chris. This one is drying out after a swim ... the feathers are NOT waterproof.


Dippers are a common sight.

Grey Wagtail

To see a Grey Wagtail hovering and hoovering up the flies and other flying bugs is simply amazing. 


Heron flying down riverHerons are difficult to photograph .. here is an attempt by one of the gentlemens walking club  on Wednesday 3rd September 2014: In flight, and sitting on a tree.Heron sitting in a tree

And of course a few really good ones


KingfisherTo see a Kingfisher in flight is fantastic. Both the White Bridge and the Snuff Mill bridge make good vantage points.

The speed at which they fly makes them difficult to see in flight: but one way is to watch a pool and suddenly see the ripples as one dives in and comes out with a small fish.

Goldeneye Ducks

A rare sight ...

Goosanders (Ducks)

Mallards (Ducks)

Some lovely photos ...

And some various photos by the Gentlemen walkers ...