Male Chaffinch near the Mansion HouseWe think it's a male.


Buzzard near the Golf Course
Photograph by David McCann of a Buzzard near the Golf Course, February 28th 2016

Coal Tit

Thanks to Aileen Milne



Female Kestrel on Electricity Pole

Long Tailed Tit


Nuthatchs  in Linnpark, photographed by "Photographer_Mike"

The Nuthatch nesting hole is best viewed from the big tree nearby, but if you stand where he was you might see the Nuthatches climbing up the tree.


Hear them at night

Red Wings


Song Thrush

Sparrow Hawk

Sparrow Hawk - David McCann

Tree Creeper


Thanks to Michael Sinclair [aged an awful lot less than the web master] for sending this in. This is what he said about taking the photograph:

Getting the picture was a mix of luck and patience. We were walking around the top wood for about 20 minutes when we saw the tree creeper fly onto one of the large spruce trees. Usually they tend to move quite quickly in a spiral up the tree. The trick is usually to wait for them coming back round again to the side your - but higher up!

On this occasion though, the bird stayed roughly at the same place on the trunk for a while - this allowed me to creep through the undergrowth and get a good position up the bank at the same height as the bird - I waited about 5 minutes before it moved and I got a good photo of the bird against the green moss.

Wood Peckers

Woodpecker by the waterfall

Michael found one down by the waterfall ... May 2016

LP WoodPecker Tree 26Sept13 900

See the holes in the tree which is in the west side [bottom end] of the wood below the stables. [2010]

Woodpecker on tree

April 20th 2016. We could hear the woodpecker, but eventually found him in a tree. As we got the camera out, he flew to the top of the broken tree to the bottom left of the picture. We THINK we can see a few pixels that we THINK is our bird ... 

Woodpeckers are very noisy but very shy !

Wood Pigeons


Some pictures please


Some pictures please


Some pictures please